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MARTELL CORDON BLEU INTENSE HEAT 馬爹利藍帶赤焰木桶限量版 將頂級干邑原液再放6個月在經過特別高溫加熱法處理的橡木桶之中,令MARTELL CORDON BLEU添上特別的味道 已於全線偉成洋酒分店及網店有售

Posted by Wai Shing Wine & Spirits on 2017年1月9日


From the veay same blend as the standard Cordon Bleu, This 《Chauffe Crocodie》 unleashes astonishing sweet spice

The nose

at first vivid and full-bodied, has candied-fruit notes (apple, apricot and bush peach) framed by honey and a hint of brioche. The fruit character then gives way to attractive aromas of almond and roasted nuts, accentuated by the intense heat finish.

On the palate

the attack is rounded and generous with candied flavors.
Delicate vanilla notes together with a nicely integrated touch of wood combine harmoniously with notes of candied fruit.

Throughout the tasting,

the blend exhibits its full subtlety, structure and balance. The notes first detected on the nose are reprised successively in the finish, complemented by attractive toffee, coffee, even mocha flavors that are beautifully sustained.

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